Was "Karn" invincible?

Let see what actually mahabharat text book says :-

Was "Karn" invincible?

He fled from the battle ground twice.

1. When Guru Dron asked for his Guru Dakshina from Kaurav and Pandavas, he asked them to make Drupad war prisoner and present him alive.

Duryodhan insisted that he will go first to fight the battle first.

Karn and Shakuni accompanied him and got badly defeated by Drupad.

Some how Karn fled away to save his life.

2. During the period of Vanwas when Pandavas were in Dvaitvan, Karn instigated Duryodhan that how amazing it would be see Draupadi in gerua sari, let’s go there.

In the Dvait Van Gandharvs attacked them and somehow Karn fled from there saving his life.

SS attached.

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