Types of marriages from hindu scriptures

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Let see what types of marriages are there to be considered auspicious and inauspicious

Types of marriage

•Brahma Vivah: When father gives her daughter(bride wll dressed with clothes and jewelry)to a well mannered man of Uttam Kula.The child born with this marriage is considered as pious.

•Daiva Vivah:Giving Kanyadaan to Groom after performing the yagna & other necessary rituals.

•Aarsha Vivah: In Which father of the bride gives Kanyadaan by taking a bull or a cow in exchange of his Kanya.

•Prajapatya Vivah: When a girl is given to someone on their request, and they are married with a aim of staying together and following dharma.

•Asura Vivah : When a father gives her daughter for a price.

•Gandharva Vivah: When the Bride and Groom voluntarily accept each other.

•Rakshas Vivah: Marriage by capture in which the girl was forcibly abducted by the man.

•Paisach Vivah: Marriage by decieving the Girl .

Asura,Paisach and Rakshas Vivah are considered as Adharma and not accepted by society

Wherever a girl is married in an abusive manner, such marriages are looked down upon and counted as adharma. The children born out of such marriages are also inauspicious.

Sources: Skand & Agni Puran.

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